lundi 25 mai 2020

05 advantages of an official translation by Lingua-Express Translation-Writing-Interpretation

Generally, in Embassies and Consulates, emigrants are required to provide official translations of their official documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts, proof of employment, bank statements, diplomas, etc. Some files are very often disqualified for poor translation quality.
Certified translation services are provided by sworn or professional translators who, besides mastering the target language, also have a good command of the culture and spirit of the target language.
For instance, when translating a document from English into Czech, the professional translator should have a good mastery of the Czech culture.
Here are 05 advantages of certified translations by Lingua-Express.

  1-Complies with International Standards
Official travel documents have international standards. Sworn translators are familiar with the international standards required by Embassies for official translation services.
Lingua-Express’ linguists and translators are familiar with the culture of their various working languages.
    2- Costly, but avoids unnecessary expenses
As the saying goes, "If you think a professional is expensive, try an amateur. All good things come with a price. Lingua-Express offers you certified online translation and official interpreting services at the right price.

  3-Reliable and certified
Official translations are always stamped with the certified translation seal and are accompanied by the translator's signature and name.
At Lingua-Express, a “certificate of accuracy" is issued for each translated document.

Documents translated by professionals are proofread by native speakers of the target language, for both general and specialised translations.
The Lingua-Express Translation-Writing-Interpreting team is made up of translators and revisers in various professional fields: tourism, business, banking, law, economics, politics, and academia.

5- Visual quality
Professional translation also means accurately reproducing the format and layout so that the translated document looks exactly like the original.
Lingua-Express translates your documents while restoring the graphics of the original documents.
Together, let's bar the way to Covid-19, let's promote certified remote translation services in Cameroon !
Trust Lingua-Express and not machines, for your certified online translation services. Lingua-Express is made up of a team of more than 20 professional translators working online to serve you remotely via its online translation platform:
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Translated byMireille Etane – Sworn Translator – Manager Lingua-Express
 Laurine Azebaze - Community Manager – E-Learning Technician
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